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*[[Nico Nico Medley SAME CHORD]]
*[[Nico Nico Medley SAME CHORD]]
*[[Video Game Collaboration 2 -NEXT STAGE!-]]
*[[Video Game Collaboration 2 -NEXT STAGE!-]]
*[[Doukeshi Shinkou Fu ~Return of Mcdonald~]]

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Kanji: 序曲
Romaji: Jokyoku
English: "Overture"
Original Artist: Sugiyama Koichi
Source: Dragon Quest OP
Original Video URL: n/a

Medleys that use this song


The original version of this song has no lyrics.

Kumikyoku Lyrics

In Kumikyoku, the first three lines of Kimigayo (Japan's national anthem) are sung to this theme.

Kimi ga yo wa May your reign
Chiyo ni yachiyo ni Continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations
Sazare ishi no Until the pebbles
Iwao to nari te Grow into boulders
Koke no musu made Lush with moss