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Cookie☆ is a series of memes and internet subculture that was born out of a failed Touhou voice drama. The name is the shorthand for Marisa and Alice’s Cookie☆ Kiss☆, the original voice drama. It is a collaborated fan work of the Touhou Project game franchise, organised and uploaded by Niconico user Hazuna Rio. Due to its terrible quality, frequently switching art styles, and the poor skills of the voice actors, the drama became a meme on the Japanese internet, and thereby developed into a web subculture. Numerous other voice dramas of Touhou, some made to deliberately imitate the original Cookie☆, were included into the canon as well. It was also linked to the notorious Manatsu no Yo no Inmu subculture, born from the poorly-made gay porns. In the Japanese community today, Cookie☆ is often associated with Inmu but seen as independent from the Touhou community from which it originated.

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