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Bilibili is a vedio website used bullet comments as AcFun, which built in 2009.

Its mascot girls are 22-girl (Chinese: 22娘) and 33-girl (Chinese: 33娘), they are sisters, 22-girl is a sunshine girl and 33-girl is a robot-girl.

Official symbolic motto of Bilibili: 哔哩哔哩 - ( ゜- ゜)つロ 干杯~ (Bilibili - ( ゜- ゜)つロ Cheers~), which inspired by a vedio named 【東方】⑨和啤酒 at Bilibili, it's also where the title of the song Kanpai - (゜-゜)つロ came from.

Songs about Bilibili and Bilibili Website

Every years, Bilibili official holds some new shows online, including Nakasai (Chinese: 拜年祭, 2021 one called "拜年纪"), with some origin songs come out at the same time.

Just similar like Niconico Choukaigi by Niconico Website.

Also, the online Bilibili users also hold some shows voluntarily, for example Genshosai (Chinese: 元首祭) and Mugen Junkan Sai (Chinese: 无限循环祭)

About medleys

Medley makers of Bilibili are few, and the most influential one is 玛丽的对头, who created Bilibili series medleys and sometimes make Vocaloid and piano origin songs.

Song about Bilibili

Song about Bilibili is mainly used in Bilibili series by 玛丽的对头, and some of them sometimes used in Kakenukeru Medley Collaboration series.

Songs made by Feijian

Website Music

Impression Song for 22-girl and 33-girl


Collected by Bilibili

(Not include songs from 2010~2012 Nakasai)

Song MV directed by Pingan Ye de Emeng (Nightmares on Christmas Eve)

He is the creator and director of Mugen Junkan Sai and lists songs' MV, but he isn't the composer of all these songs

Mugen Junkan Sai


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