Green Greens

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Kanji: グリーングリーンズ
Romaji: Gurīngurīnzu
English: "Green Greens"
Original Artist: HAL Laboratories
Source: Kirby's Dream Land BGM
Original Video URL:

Medleys that use this song


The original music in the game doesn't have lyrics, but there are various vocal arrangements based on it, such as:

Wish Upon a Galaxy lyrics

Haru no youki natsu no atsusa Spring weather, summer heat
Aki no kaze fuyu no yuki Autumn wind, winter snow
Kimi to meguru kisetsu to uchuu wo A journey into the four seasons of space with you
Hoshi to kaze ni notte Stars ride with the wind

Kirby WITH LYRICS lyrics

There he is

He's the puffball we call Kirby

And Dream Land's the place he defends

Ain't he cute? (He's so cute!)

But he gets a little burpy

Because he devours all his friends

He's got an eating problem

If I saw Kirby coming, I'd probably say, "Quick!"

Shit your pants if you can, also pee, please!

Better stop, poop, and roll 'cause he won't eat you whole

If you taste like a fresh batch of feces!

Here he comes

Get your fat ass out of town, he would love you to be in his hole

Say your prayers

Because once he wolfs you down, he becomes you by stealing your soul

Then he'll go do your girlfriend

He'll inhale and impale you with teeth no one sees

He likes purple, so watch how you're dressed

Kirby's antisemitic and hungry as hell

He likes kids who eat Kosher the best

Holy shit

Kirby's right outside the door

So go hide in the closet and weep

This is it

He'll eat us and then want more

So prepare for a death dark and deep

We're all dead thanks to Kirby

Soon we'll be Kirby doo doo