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About Me

I'm Tetsu2 / (てつ)², a Singaporean medley composer.

Things I made (of relative importance)

  • An entry for Sec.10 Collaboration!! -Try Edition-, the third 10-second medley collab, and the medley that officially got a Homestuck song to the big list of songs used in Niconico medleys.
  • An entry for "Kakedashi" no Medley Collaboration, because I was too late to join KMC Final. *Sad violin*
  • Niconico Unorthodox Synthesis, a 144-song mishmash of random songs I happened to know. The rush zone was actually rushed so I could get the first reference to KMC Final in a non-KMC medley record before actually good medley composers took it.
  • My NicoMed DJM entry in collaboration with Roughrh (ローグラハ), Niconico Computation.

Things I'm making (but may never finish)

  • I'm hosting a collaboration that's a combination of the Kakenukeru and Mobius series.
  • A 10404-song Kakenukeru medley, just to one-up Worb's 10,000-song medley and KMC Final's 2992 songs. (The joke's on me, though, I'll probably finish it shortly after Worb makes a 20,000 song medley and KMC6 comes out with 15,000 songs. Or something.