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Kanji メロディーチャイムNO.1 ニ長調 作品17「大盛況」
Romaji Merodii Chaimu No.1 Ni Chouchou Sakuhin 17 'Daiseikyou'
English "Melody Chime No.1 D Major Opus 17 'Great Success'"
Original Artist Yasushi Inada
Source Panasonic EC5227WP melody sign / FamilyMart entrance SFX
Original Video URL http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/nm8188348

Medleys that use this song


Fami fami fami~ma fami famima~
Fami fami fami~ma fami famima~


  • The song's official title was only created in 2015 after an interview with the tune's creator. Before that it was generally known as the "FamilyMart Entrance Sound" (ファミマ入店音).