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What is Vocaloid?

Vocaloid is singing synthesizer application software created by the Yamaha Corporation. This software enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody. The most well-known Vocaloids using this software are the ones made by Crypton Future Media: Meiko (released in 5.11.2004), Kaito (released on 17.2.2006), Hatsune Miku (the most famous Vocaloid) (released on 31.8.2007), Kagamine Rin & Len (released on 27.12.2007) and Megurine Luka (released on 30.1.2009). The next Vocaloids using this software were developed by Internet Co., Ltd.: Kamui Gakupo (released in 31.7.2008) and Megpoid (released in 25.6.2009). Recently, a new Vocaloid codenamed SF-A2 Miki has been created and released by AH Software; additionally, two other new Vocaloids have been made by AH Software named Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru (all three released on 04.12.2009).

Vocaloid on Nico Nico Douga

Nico Nico Douga has been the main website for sharing Vocaloid songs. Some of the songs have collected over 1 million views

Vocaloid in Nico Nico Medleys

Vocaloid songs were first used in Medley of Masterpiece. A Vocaloid song's first appearance in Shimo's original Kumikyoku series was in Ryuuseigun, but may have been referenced in Monogatari with Ievan Polkka, which Miku sang a famous cover of. Nowadays Vocaloid songs are in almost every medley.

List of Vocaloid songs that have appeared on Nico Nico medleys:

  • Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru
    • Hatsune Miku song made by ika
    • Original: sm1097445
    • Song about Miku introducing herself to the world
    • One of the most famous Vocaloid songs made so far, with over 7 million views on Nico Nico Douga
  • Meltdown
    • Kagamine Rin song by iroha(sasaki)
    • Originally it was located at sm5602903, but it has been remade and uploaded on sm8089993
    • It's not completely known what the story of the song is, but a popular interpretation is that an adult Rin contemplates diving into a nuclear reactor to atone for her sins of the past
  • Double Lariat
    • Megurine Luka song by AgoanikiP
    • Original: nm6049209
    • Song about girl who likes to spin and about her hard work to try spin the entire distance of the world
  • Black★Rock Shooter
    • Hatsune Miku song by ryo
    • Original: sm3645817
    • Song about a girl traveling in a bleak world
    • After sm6080673, a 3D PV of Black★Rock Shooter, gave some depth to the story behind the song, animation studio Ordet used that PV as an inspiration for their first own anime project. Anime of Black★Rock Shooter was released on July 24, 2010.
  • Melt
    • Hatsune Miku song by ryo
    • Original: sm1715919
    • Song about a shy girl with a crush on a boy and an encounter between the two
    • The first Vocaloid song by ryo, who went on to form the band supercell
  • World is Mine
    • Hatsune Miku song by ryo
    • Original: sm3504435
    • Song about a spoiled girl who follows the tsundere character and just wants to be thought of as cute by her boyfriend

More info about Vocaloid

Check Vocaloid Wiki: http://vocaloid.wikia.com/