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About Me

I'm a relatively ordinary Canadian guy who likes Nico Nico Douga medleys. I will go as far as possible to get proper lyrics for songs, to the point where I may try and translate something myself (with help). I may also have a tendency to take on HUGE projects without really knowing what I'm getting myself into (see the other sections below). That's pretty much it. I'm here, I'm pumped, and I'm ready to go!!

Arranging Stuff


  • My first medley, Nico Nico Douga e no Omaju:
  • I got to make an entry for Kakenukeru Medley Collaboration IV!! My entry is included in the Red course. You can hear the entry by itself here:
  • My second medley, Nico Nico Kasoku Medley, is an original songs medley that expands on a medley concept from 2008 while also breaking a couple of medley records in the process.
  • I was invited to take part in Kakenukeru Medley Collaboration Final!! I made track lists for two entries - one for the Modern version (with as many one-note and two-note transitions as I could fit) and one for the Classic version (which is less chaotic and more on par with my KMCIV entry). Due to lots of real-life events and issues, I was unable to do proper arranging for these entries; however, other medley composers kindly stepped up to do the arranging for me. My Classic entry is arranged by NK and is included in Kakenukeru Medley Collaboration Final Earth, while my Modern entry is arranged by Full Ken and is included in Kakenukeru Medley Collaboration Final Pluto.
    • The track lists for these entries will be posted here.
  • I have been invited as a guest for the upcoming 2019 collaboration "Niconico Medley Dream 'Janai' Match"! There are 37 pairs of content creators involved, each with one Niconico rookie and one Niconico veteran, and each pairing will make a medley entry of their own. I (the rookie) am paired with Kiji Kuju (the veteran), and things have been going well for the last few months.

Original Song Covers

Pages done





Pages I helped with

Stuff that I want to do

  • Now that I have more than three years' worth of experience with audio editing and mixing, I'd like to try redoing my original songs version of Konton Jiyuusou so it sounds better. Whether I have the time for that right now is another matter.

Currently Working On...

  • I'm collaborating with a Japanese medley composer, Chronomile, to make a new medley called "Nico Nico Dual Force".
  • Participating in "Niconico Medley Dream 'Janai' Match" with Kiji Kuju! More details about our medley entry will be revealed later.
  • I'm also in a collaboration with Kiji Kuju and Harupyie! I'll be making three entries for the collaboration. In no particular order:
    • A DragonForce-themed medley. Completed as of December 2nd, 2018.
    • Two regular Kakenukeru medleys, both in progress.
  • Working on a solo medley for the first time in a long time! The medley is called "Kakenukeru Aiueo Medley", and it's a kakenukeru medley where songs are grouped by letters in the Japanese alphabet. A preview can be found here:
    • The song list has been completed as of July 22nd, 2019! Now working on arranging.

Stuff that I should get back to at some point in the future

  • Creating all wanted song pages with more than 40 links.
  • Making new medley pages, with more focus on composer sections that have little to no medley pages created. Examples include Kiva, Wasabou and Himanattsu, among others.

Notes when creating song pages

  • This guy appears to have uploaded all the Touhou soundtracks on NND, and in high quality, too! In fact, a number of people have done this.
  • Lyrics for [email protected] songs can be found easily on; however, finding videos for [email protected] versions of songs to match the lyrics will usually be a pain in the neck, due to copyright shenanigans.