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Note from Bepis:

This wiki has been imported from a dump made on August 12, 2019. Anything between then and December ~16 is not present on this wiki, and I would appreciate any contributions for missing data.

I have also saved the medley files and they are available for download. Feel free to scrape them and keep them safe, I won't implement any anti-scraping measures like the old website.

Easy to browse: Medley Wiki archive/medleys/

Torrent download (only select the medley directory):

Note from mohammadbu50: As of April 8, 2022 the main page protection has been disabled, I figured this would be a good way to add more medleys from composers along with MAD collabs that weren't here before as most admins aren't very active on the wiki, do note that vandalization to the main page will most likely result in a ban, but anything else should be fine.

Also check out the Unfinished pages section to complete the tracklists for existing pages.

Welcome to KumikyokuWiki! I got this idea from the Track List Assistance thread on the forums, and would eventually like to accomplish several things:

  • Complete listing of all the songs from each Medley
  • Complete listing of all lyrics from each Medley
  • Complete lyrics and info for each of the songs use in the various Medleys

Pretty much in that order. Recently we have also been writing articles about the sources of the songs used in Nico Nico Douga medleys.

Links to the database, the forums and the YouTube channel are on the side bar. In addition, we have a Discord server.

Medleys of the original Kumikyoku series by simoyuki (しも)

Medleys by Kurai Hade (峅井はで) (formerly Dhi)

Medleys by tetsuo/KuchibashiP (くちばしP)

Medleys by Leiverra

Medleys by 16/SNOW

Medleys by daniwell

Medleys by Mahi (麻痺)

Medleys by HAJIME

Medleys by Zonamoshi (ぞなもし)

Medleys by FLAG

Medleys by Satoru (さとる)

Medleys by Niewals (2÷す)

Medleys by onitan (おにたん)

Medleys by Zel (ゼル)

Medleys by Cotton Dog (綿犬)

Medleys by Iwo (いを)

Medleys by jan Misali (ヤン ミサリ)

Medleys by Kotatsugata Senpuuki (こたつ型扇風機)

Medleys by rilo/ЯiLО (理路)

Medleys by moibii (モイビー)

Medleys by Kurogiri (くろぎり)

Medleys by Rykiel (リキエル)

Medleys by med-A

Medleys by * (Asterisk) (*(アスタリスク))

Medleys by Churuchin (ちゅるちん)

Medleys by Sannta (サンタ)

Medleys by winnna_ (うぃんな)

Medleys by toKonbu (toこんぶ)

Medleys by 26K

Medleys by Nagashin (ながしん)

Medleys by Meda (めだ)

Medleys by Tato

Medleys by Meropo (メロポ)

Medleys by Jyun (じゅん)

Medleys by Frog96/Furokuro (フロクロ)

Medleys by Messzylinder (メスシリンダー)

Medleys by Ettoo (えっとぉ)

Medleys by GingaP (銀河P)

Medleys by KarintouP (かりんとうP)

Medleys by YoshikiP (ヨシキP)

Medleys by ☆Aryu☆ (☆ありゅ☆)

Medleys by Ebiflider (エビフライダー)

Medleys by Xenetsu (キセネツ)

Medleys by rular

Medleys by Goten (御殿) (formerly Chihya Moe (ちひゃー萌え))

Medleys by hapi⇒ (hapinano)

Medleys by the Nintendo Special Big Band

Medleys by taiyo

Medleys by Professor Sakamoto (サカモト教授)

Medleys by FullKen

Medleys by mocchie

Medleys by Ayase Midori (絢瀬みどり) (formerly Ryokucha (緑茶))

Medleys by Sengoku (戦国)

Medleys by Pei (ぺぃ)

Medleys by Takata (たかた)

Medleys by Sembuzzle (千羽鶴)

Medleys by Ikatako (いかたこ)

Medleys by Celeste Collective (formerly Team KumikyokuNND, 7th Arcadia, Jairus B.)

dameMixx series

Mash DE Medley series

Nico Nico Kaeuta Medley series

50 Second Medley series

Führer's Festival collaborations

Name The Medley Producer Medley series

Nico Nico Medley 10 Song Gacha! series

Kumikyoku Eroge Douga series

Medleys based on MADs

OTOMAD medleys by Runole (ルノレ)

Gachimuchi medleys/collaborations

Professional Wrestling Festival collaborations

International Wrestling Festival collaborations

Dark Wrestling Festival collaborations

New Year's Dreams (Cookie☆ + Inmu) collaborations

Cookie☆ collaborations

Donald medleys/collaborations

Shuzo Matsuoka medleys/collaborations

Syamu_Game medleys/collaborations

Z-Kai medleys/collaborations

Chargeman Ken! medleys/collaborations

Kichigai Record medley collaborations

Train medleys/collaborations

Morsay medleys/collaborations

Japari Banquet collaborations

Octagon collaborations

Old Spice collaborations

Medleys by M.Iz

Medleys by BugMino (蓑虫)

Medleys by YASU

Medleys by NOMA (ノマ)

Medleys by Ziko (ジコ)

Medleys by 8:51:22 pm

Medleys by R.M. (RedMuffleR)

Medleys by Kit Kat Oishii (キットカットおいしい)

Medleys by Sei (セヰ)

Medleys by #Ple (#ぷる) (formerly CupChinoTic, laple)

Medleys by Taiyaya (タイヤヤ)

Medleys by Kain (かゐん)

Medleys by Nawa (なわ)

Medleys by uboar (ウボァー)

Medleys by Share (シェア)

Medleys by Fily (ふぃりー)

Medleys by SqOc

Medleys by Ninoue Kasuka (二上幽)

Medleys by Renewa (レネワ)

Medleys by Asaoka Hieton (浅丘ヒートン)

Medleys by Nemahiso (Nemacchi/Hisoko) (ねまひそ (ねまっち/ひそこ)) (formerly nighty)

Medleys by Kiva (きば)

Medleys by I.F. [In Field]

Medleys by Ketoku

Medleys by Pow (formerly Wasabow (わさぼう))

Medleys by Himanattsu (ひまなっつ)

Medleys by Kisaichi (iksody) (きさいち)

Medleys by KANON

Medleys by HAC

Medleys by Ou

Medleys by Xunlei4h5/Saitou Rena (斎藤玲奈) (formerly Schizophrenia)

Medleys by M-Enemy (玛丽的对头)

Medleys by KohMei and the Niconico Orchestra (ニコニコオーケストラ)
(October 27, 2007 - September 30, 2017)

Medleys from the Medley Contests

Collaboration medleys

Kakenukeru Medley Collaboration series

Ichinichi! series and similar collaborations

Daigasso! Band Brothers collaborations

Nue Collaboration series

Nico Nico Douga 10th Anniversary collaboration medleys

Nico Nico Douga 15th Anniversary medleys

Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary medleys

AcFun Spring Festival Gala medleys

Medleys by Database Forum members

Medleys by Medley Mixmaster

Medleys by FinnOtaku (formerly oskari14)

Medleys by Reourom

Medleys from SiIvaGunner

Medleys from Niconico Cho Party events (ニコニコ超パーティー)

Medleys from other events

Medleys by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Central Band (陸上自衛隊中央音楽隊)

Medleys by Utaites

Medleys by Alfakyun. (+α/あるふぁきゅん。)

Piano medleys by Marasy (まらしぃ)

Piano medleys by ZimuinG (事務員G)

Piano medleys by zipotan (じぽたん)

Acoustic guitar medleys by Heppoko Roku Gen Dukai

Guitar medleys by Kikori (きこり)

Session medleys by kemu (formerly Nakamura Ine (中村イネ))

Medleys by Odorites

Dance medleys by Ririri and Aoi (りりりとあおい)

Dance medleys by Ashibuto Penta (足太ぺんた)

Working BGM medleys

Vocaloid-themed medleys

Medleys from the Hatsune Miku Birthday Festival 2012

Touhou-themed medleys

Touhou medleys by --RAY--

Touhou medleys by Shiraha (しらは)

IDOLM@STER-themed medleys

IDOLM@STER collaboration series

Love Live-themed medleys

Crossover-themed medleys

Music label-themed medleys

Anime-themed medleys

BanBro DX's Anison Medley series

Video Game-themed medleys

Themed medleys by Tokyo Active NEETs

Medleys from video games

Super Mario collaborations

Arrange Relay series

Medleys from 2007

Medleys from 2008

Medleys from 2009

Medleys from 2010

Medleys from 2011

Medleys from 2012

Medleys from 2013

Medleys from 2014

Medleys from 2015

Medleys from 2016

Medleys from 2017

Medleys from 2018

Medleys from 2019

Medleys from 2020

Medleys from 2021

Medleys from 2022

Medleys from 2023

Year-in-Review Medleys

Fanmade Unofficial Kakenukeru Anime Song Medleys


September 14, 2016

The main page has been completely revamped into a more cohesive and clear organization! Please be sure to notify any questions about the new change.

-- xXtouhoumarioXx

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